Top Five Questions to Ask When Hiring a Commercial Plumbing Contractor

If you are in search of commercial plumbing services, you need to look for a licensed plumbing contractor that has built its reputation on providing plumbing to businesses such as retail stores, restaurants, apartment buildings, condominiums, warehouses, medical buildings, and other similar, larger structures. What are some of the questions you should be asking before you hire a commercial plumbing company? Here are a few to get help you started:

1) Is the company licensed, insured, and bonded to perform plumbing in your state?

2) Does the company pull permits and set up city or local inspections?

3) Do they have a few commercial references you could call?

4) Do they have a large enough staff to accommodate your plumbing job?

5) What is their typical schedule, and do they have adequate time to finish your project?

When you own a business, time is money, so you definitely want to make sure the company you choose can answer all these questions to your satisfaction. If you hire an unlicensed, uncertified plumbing contractor, they may end up doing a shoddy job or taking your money and running with it, leaving you high and dry, with possible damage, leaks and other problems. You want to make sure you hire the best plumbing company in your area so you will keep your customers happy. If you own an apartment complex, for example, you don’t want to inconvenience your tenants or leave them without water for a long period of time. Whether you are seeking help with leaky pipes, a broken supply line, frozen or busted pipes, or a faulty sump pump, you need to do some research before you hire a plumbing contractor. Ask about money-back guarantees, pricing plans, and warranty information… an informed business owner is a successful business owner. If it is winter time and you have no water, your pipes may be frozen, and if so, there are many plumbing companies that are available for emergency or weekend calls. Ask your friends, family members, and neighbors for recommendations as well. No matter what, don’t feel pressured to hire the first plumber you call… take your time in deciding so you will make the wisest choice. Be sure to visit plumbing companies’ websites, too, so you can gather more info and take a look at any customer testimonials they may have there. Armed with the proper information, you will be able to select the most affordable, highest quality plumber to perform work on your commercial property.

Top Five Home Renovations Before Selling Tips

If you’ve done your homework and found that property makeovers are a financially sound decision to make before selling, there are a number of aspects you should keep in mind before you let a contractor begin swinging his sledge hammer.

Particularly, choosing to complete home renovations before promoting may be decidedly different than if you were making the house renovations for your own satisfaction. We have therefore put together a list of the top five things to consider when dealing with property restorations prior to selling:

Get more than one estimate

Within the rush to get the work completed and the house on the market, many sellers fly through the procedure for choosing a contractor to accomplish the work. However, not taking the time to find the right licensed contractor can mean disaster, both for the renovations and the following effect it can have on your ability to sell your property.

In short, get at least three estimates from three contractors who come with sparkling references. Also, don’t forgo calling references provided to you, and ask important questions, such as: Did they complete the work on time? Was the job completed to your full satisfaction? Did they accomplish the work on spending budget? Would you use them once again for a property restoration project?

Check and double-check the actual deadline with the service provider

Unless the contractor can definitively complete the actual project within your time frame, choose another expert, as deadlines for people selling their property are more important than ever. Make sure you reiterate the significance of finishing the job on time, and make sure the contractor incorporates this deadline within the contract.

Get just about all applicable permits

Don’t skimp on the details with your property renovations before selling, as the buyer may very well ask to see the permits. Display for the buyer that you required all necessary steps to ensure that the job had been completed professionally and safely by getting all appropriate permits.

Stay neutral

When selecting finishes for your home renovations, think neutral. In other words, you may enjoy red tile in the bathroom, but the truth is that most buyers will not. Think in terms of a wide audience, and stay as neutral as possible as to appeal to the majority of potential buyers.

Think mid-range for many projects

In order to ensure that you stay within budget and that you realize a return on your investment, think mid-range in terms of materials and finishes, (the only time this particular rule may not apply is in very expensive houses or mansions). Although many buyers would appreciate stainless appliances in the kitchen, the very fact of the matter is that you may not see a return on this investment. Choosing good-quality, sleek black appliances, on the other hand, will still show well in your renovated kitchen, however will cost you about a third of stainless steel home appliances.

Of course, before starting upon any house renovations before promoting, consult a real estate agent to make sure you will be able to see a return on your investment whenever selling.