3 Must-See Attractions With Pattaya Packages

Located on the eastern Gulf coast of Thailand, Pattaya used to be a fishing village till 1960s. However, in recent years, this famous beach resort of Thailand has shot to prominence for its fast pace developments. The city is now wholly defined by magnificent resort hotels, large seaside malls and high-rise condominiums. It has emerged as a favourite tourist destination among honeymoon couples, families and other groups.

With Pattaya tour packages, travellers can either simply enjoy the pleasures of this lively city or explore its rich religious treasures. In addition to this, they can also enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the rainforest canopies or the glamour and glitz of the cabaret shows. Here is a list of some popular attractions of the place that are worth including in every itinerary of tourists visiting this beach resort.

Jomtien Beach

Located about 4 km from Pattaya and 2 km from South Pattaya, Jomtien Beach is a 6 km long sandy beach. The place is an ideal destination for those who are looking for a tranquillising escapade from the humdrum of city life. This seafront is more popular among windsurfers as the area experiences fresh and brisk breezes from the Thai Gulf. Fringed with pine trees, this sandy seashore is also perfect for enjoying water sports activities like parasailing, jet skiing and scuba diving.

Sanctuary of Truth

Covering an area of more than 3200 sq km, Sanctuary of truth is a gigantic wooden structure with its top point at about 105 m high. Referred to as the Magnificence of the Heaven Recreated on Earth, the architecture of this building presents an excellent example of ancient Thai inventiveness and creativity. Every square inch of this splendid building is decorated with wooden carve sculptures.

A visit to this grand structure gives travellers a deep understanding of about ancient life, cycle of living, basic thought, human responsibility and life relationship with universe. This one-of-a-kind wooden structure is worth visiting with Pattaya packages

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden

Sprawling over an area of about 500 acres, Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden is one of the major attractions of the place. The region is more like a theme park, with restaurants, accommodations, themed gardens and cultural shows. French garden, with its perfectly manicured shrubs and symmetrical designs, is one of the major highlights of the park. Another interesting feature of this theme park is the skywalk, which is an elevated walkway.

In addition to this, visitors can also enjoy the sights and sounds of Muay Thai drum performance, Thai dance and elephant talent shows. Other activities include elephant rides, paddle boats and cycling. Showcasing exotic blossoms and beautiful topiary gardens, this theme park is sure to fascinate visitors on their Pattaya tour.

Located less than 150 km from Bangkok, Pattaya is an ideal place to enjoy sea, sand and sun. With its enchanting range of tourist attractions, this place beckons hordes of travellers and expatriates. All these 3 above-mentioned places are just a sample of the unequalled variety of attractions present in the region.